the syndetic paradigm - the untrodden path beyond freud and jung

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c.g. jung's psychology of religion
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democracy and self-organization - the change of which barack obama speaks

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Masterful Instruction – Dr. Aziz on The Times of India, Speaking Tree

The experiential transmission of knowledge has long been held by the consciousness and enlightenment traditions to be the highest level of instruction and as such the most difficult to master. Indeed as soon as we step beyond the provision of knowledge for the purposes of what I would term “retentional education” and take as our task the advancement of others psychologically and spiritually, in a manner, moreover, that is attuned to their unique developmental needs, we find ourselves in altogether different territory. The transmission of knowledge for the purposes of retentional education does not require of its students a willingness to descend experientially into a process of personal challenge and transformation. In fact, it often eschews such initiatives. But when the intended outcome of the transmission of knowledge is enlightenment, a sacred circle is drawn in which the requisite descent is hastened by way of the direct, experiential transmission of knowledge within the actual instructional process.

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A True Fountain of Youth – Dr. Aziz on The Times of India, Speaking Tree

The quest for eternal youthfulness has captivated humanity for centuries. World mythologies, the arts, not to speak of actual historical events, provide more than glimpses into our preoccupation with this problem. Recently this quest has taken an altogether new direction with ever-increasing numbers of people seeking salvation in the now burgeoning industry of pharmaceutical and surgical anti-aging interventions. Shocking as this may be, especially given the surreal and at times lethal consequences of these interventions, I do not regard them as uniquely condemnable, since throughout history those looking to enhance their physical beauty have subjected themselves to comparable, if not more severe ordeals. What I would say about them, however, is that even when optimal aesthetic effects are achieved, such results in no way correlate with what I have in mind in speaking of youthfulness. If the Fountain of Youth were to mean anything, I could only imagine that it would have to offer us more than a mere physical upgrade.

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New Year's Eve: Making It A Genuine First Step

Revised by Dr. Robert Aziz from his 2009 Huffington Post article of the same title.

It is a curious fact that New Year's Eve is synonymous with getting wasted. How do I define wasted? Technically put, it would denote party-related excess that leaves one feeling like crap (ill and depleted) the next day.

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Making It More Than Your Typical Holiday – Dr. Aziz on The Times of India, Speaking Tree

Over the years when I have had the chance to take a holiday from the very demanding schedule of my professional work I have used that time in many different ways. I have, for instance, visited with friends I would not often see, traveled, spent time researching and writing, and even worked on projects around my home. Most commonly, however, a holiday has involved time with family in the isolation of heavily wooded lake districts. more ...

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Finding Compassion: From an Ideal to Experiential Knowing – Dr. Aziz on The Times of India, Speaking Tree

The way of nature is the way of process; it is the way of spontaneous, self–organizing process. The way of process is the way of descent. To align with the way of nature, by which I also mean to align with unfolding Reality, is not, therefore, to rise above and impose upon, rather, it is to descend into and move with. It is to descend into and move with nature's self–organizing process as it discloses itself to us, both inwardly and outwardly. more ...

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